This well was donated to orphanage in the jungles of Uganda.

Children lining up to receive clean water

Little girl receives toys (She only had one toy before).

Homeless woman got her apartment furnished free of charge by Carolyn Hagen Ministries and also received an old-fashioned washing machine like she had wanted.

Successful Toy Giveaway on December 19th, 2021. We gave out around 100 toys. We also did a free turkey and ham meal with all the fixings. May God receive all the Glory!

Angel received a used car at no charge from Carolyn Hagen Ministries.

Children from Uganda Orphanage saying 'Thank You' for the provision of desperately needed food.

Jesus brings Christmas to a family of seven. The kids were abandoned by their real parents.

Bananas purchased with the donation provided by Carolyn Hagen Ministries.

Orphans in India Praying

Ugandan Orphan Children eating food provided by Carolyn Hagen Ministries.

Telling Our Story Through Photos...